Updated: 24-Jan-10
Other Audio Projects.....

Item # Updated at: Description
Item 9 January-10-2006 Setting up an Audio Streaming Server (for use with the DDDAC1543 MK2 - USB)
Item 8 September-03-2003 Gydinel, the Loudspeaker Master Reference ......  (now with Final Filter !)
Item 7 January-18-2003 Something completely different: Building your own Home Cinema !!!
Item 6 January-11-2003 TUMOS, the MOSFET Power Amplifier with real Tube sound!!...... 
Item 5 January-11-2003 ETAMSAS, ETON Air Motion Transformer Satellite System, READY !! 
Item 4 December-23-2001 The Master SUB WOOFER, Mission Completed !!     
Item 3 September-03-2001 A special tool box for measuring and tweaking your Amps MU-stage "On-Line"
Item 2 December-13-2001 Making your own Silver Signal - and- Speaker cables at the cost of a regular copper one..... More versions, listening impression and input from Greek Site Reader
Item 1 May-08-2001 The basic research story of the MU concept and introduction of the DMU ....


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