Updated: 24-Jan-01
My picture book with the different steps of the construction of the DDDAC 2000

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The place of Birth of the DDDAC : my Hobby Room

Doede Douma at work.....

Closer view of the power supply unit.

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The start of the DAC PCB, with tools...

Tubelovers know this for long time: hardwiring brings good results and nice straight connections!

The DF1704 is REAL hard to manage!!

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Look how small compared with standard DIP !!!

Good thing to have the chip carriers, converting SMD to DIP

Finally soldered on. A very fine welding tip and magnifying glass is unbearable !!

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Almost ready, the DAC Step Up transformers from Sowter are on the background

Closer view, note the switches for combining receivers and filters

Another view

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The case is getting filled up

The front side with all connections and switches

Nice marriage between old fashioned hard wiring and modern digital techniques

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The NPC chip was still missing....

The left side of the PCB is the digital part, the right part is the analog part...

Both sections have there own groundplane, minimizing radiation effects from high frequency digital signals

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Detail of selection and Volume switches, close to the cinch inputs

2 small transformers for the floating (Direct Heated) filament of the #30 Tube

Detail of the Tube filtering Elco's and filter sections and digital inputs

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The Tube stage is also build on standard PCB board

More details

More details

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This is how the Transformers are mounted, close to the DAC output

This is the final result front side

This is the final result back side




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